Day 73 – Prairie City, OR to Dayville, OR

James Rosenberg

Today was the first of two back to back short days. And the best part about this one, it was supposed to be all downhill!

With that in mind, I did not set an alarm this morning and instead woke up when the sun started to peer into my tent. I lazily got ready and stopped at the local coffee shop for a pastry, a cup of coffee and a few conversations before hitting the road.

The ride was just as expected: fast! For 45 miles, I sped down hill, usually only pedaling because I wanted to go faster, rarely because I had to. Even though it was short and downhill, I still found myself drenched in sweat when I pulled into Dayville due to the heat and humidity.

I saw a store that said “Ice Cream” and immediately went in. One milkshake later, I was talking to the store owner who told me about a church I could sleep in. She called the pastor (the mother of one the employees at the ice cream shop) and she said I should head right over. It was only a few blocks away but I was once again sweating when I got there.

Before I got to the door, it swung open and Stewart greeted me warmly. He had arrived about an hour earlier after taking a similarly laidback approach to the morning. He showed me where the shower was and gave me a quick tour of the church.

After some bike maintenance (Stewart helped me fix some brake issues I’d been having) and a few glasses of water, we headed back to the ice cream shop for sandwiches and a beer.

Tomorrow will be another short day but involves a lot of climbing so I’ll probably go back to the early wake up.

Key stats:
Miles: 45
Elevation gained: 600 ft
Milk shakes: 1

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