Day 76 – Prineville, OR to Sisters, OR

My alarm went off at 5:30 and I immediately turned it off and went back to sleep. It was cold and my route was supposed to be all downhill — those two factors added together were the perfect recipe for me to sleep in.

On waking up the second time, I packed up camp and headed to the grocery store to pick up breakfast. My stomach rumbled as I walked in and I decided to get one of everything. I walked out with a huge breakfast and dignity remaining (there was more than one chocolate bar in my breakfast haul).

The large breakfast apparently paid off because I found myself absolutely flying today! I felt much better than I had the last few days — my legs just wanted to spin faster and push harder. I think I re-learned a lesson I have learned many times on this trip, more calories is better.

I ate a big lunch in Sisters before heading over to their city campground. I shared the site with Stewart, 2 PCT hikers, a guy who was doing his first weekend long tour and someone who was biking across the country and planned to ride with his dog balanced on his shoulders the whole time. Definitely an interesting group.

Off to bed. The last real climb of the trip is tomorrow!

Key stats:
Miles: 50
Elevation gained: 1,400 ft
Chocolate milk consumed: 2 quarts

  • Michael Polizzi

    Last climb! Enjoy the tail end of the ride, soak it all in… you did it!!!

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