Day 79 – Eugene, OR to Independence, OR

After a great day off in Eugene relaxing and hanging out with my friend Reese, it was time to get back on the road. I packed up, said goodbye and immediately turned the wrong way down a one way street.

After turning on Google Maps and getting myself properly situated, the ride was pretty easy and mostly downhill. I left Eugene and began looking for a diner for breakfast. When I saw a pair of fully loaded touring bikes sitting outside a diner about 20 miles North West of Eugene, I took that as a good sign and headed in.

I spotted the two cyclists immediately and began chatting with Geert and Anita – a couple from The Netherlands. They had started within a few days of me so we had had very similar experiences and travelled with many of the same folks. We swapped stories for a while agreeing we’d see each other in two days (they were staying at a motel tonight while I was headed for a city park). They then headed out, leaving me to finish my breakfast.

Even though it should have been an easier day, I was exhausted when I got to the park. I set up my hammock and spent the rest of the day horizontal.

There’s no one else in the park and it’s on a river, so tonight should be a great night’s sleep!

Key stats:
Miles: 70
Elevation gained: 1,000 ft
Breakfasts crashed: 1

Floating the river on my day off

One of Reese’s friends (an Astro Physisist) showing off his telescope!

  • Bruce Hedgepeth

    I’m not sure if you realize it but you still have the Coast Range to cross to get to Astoria. And that will challenge you. Be strong !!

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