Day 81 – Neskowin, OR to Rockaway Beach, OR

Between the excitement from yesterday and the cool morning temperatures, Anita, Geert and I were all slow moving in the morning. I chatted with Nancy over a few cups of coffee before finally hitting the road.

Immediately upon entering the main road I saw Stewart a quarter mile ahead of me. I closed the gap until I was able to call out to him and we stopped and chatted for a bit before riding off. Neither of us was in a rush so we decided to grab breakfast at a diner a few miles down the road. It’s a good thing we both had short days planned because this diner was slow! Our “quick bite to eat” took over 2 hours! But it was a fun time and we were both feeling good after hitting the coast so we didn’t mind too much (plus, Stewart picked up the tab so then I really couldn’t complain! Thanks again, Stewart!).

The rest of the day was more hilly than expected but not overly challenging. The ACA has updated the route at one point to avoid a heavily trafficked section of the road and sent us down a pothole littered road which we navigated with care. But we (and our tires) survived that one with a laugh.

Finally we got to Tillamook where Stewart is spending the next two nights. We said our goodbyes and off we went in separate directions. Him to his hotel and me to the Tillamook ice cream factory.

I made it to Bay City but decided to keep going on after finding their restaurants all to be closed and the only campground to be quite lackluster. I found a nice campground on the beach a few miles down the road and am once again drifting off to the (very cold) sound of crashing waves.

The kids in Neskowin make signs encouraging slow driving. The bottom one was definitely my favorite!

Celebratory beers with Anita and Geert last night

Had a blast staying with Nancy! Would highly recommend her AirBnB to anyone going through the area!!

  • Anne Krauss

    With admiration & awe for your vision and heart

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