Day Eighty-Three Recap

Dakota Graff

It was early. We got up early in Spokane in order to get a jump on the day as we were expecting it to be a long day. The swelling my in tooth had gone down quite a bit and I was starting to feel a bit better after such a rough few days. We got an easy start to the day, our host Jan made us coffee and a wonderful breakfast. We ate and conversed with her with many a pet of Wilber, her Cocker Spaniel.
Jan sent us with apples and cookies for the road, which were greatly appreciated since we had such a long day ahead.
The riding was droll. Eastern Washington is beautify as you pass over the border, but that fades as you press on into the flat farmland. I wracked my brain to remember more details from the day, but I just can’t recall the day’s ride very well. It was pretty flat and uninteresting. Our lunch stop was an interesting stop, as we opted to eat at a diner instead of eating groceries. We got a few burgers at a diner called The Viking in Sprague, Washington. It was a classic little diner that you find on the road with some good burgers and a nice waitress. After our burger and fries, we purchased a few temporary tattoos and hit the road.
Our destination for the night was Ritzville, at the local Methodist church that we had called. The pastor there was very kind and opened the building for us and even made us a big salad and bread. We ate, spoke with him for a bit, and then went to sleep early. I was still beat from the medication I was on, and from the hot 75 mile day.

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  • byron fitch

    I have been waiting months to see what your comments about flatlands of eastern WA were. Since mostly we in Ritzville drive to Spokane for major medical & major shopping I have to agree the trip is pretty uneventful. I noted you mentioned the wrong church. You stayed in the Methodist Church and it was Methodist Pastor Hunsberger who provided bread and salad. I was born and raised in the Palouse hills of North Idaho. I do still
    50 years later so miss the trees and beauty of Idaho.

    • rideforkorah

      Whoops! Thanks for the correction. We updated that in the post. Once again, thank you for your generosity. This church and this evening really lifted our spirits in a tough time.

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