Day Forty-Four Recap

We started our day in St. Joseph, MO. It was an early morning, as we needed to get back into town so our host, Tim, could run some early errands. We breakfasted on bagels and peanut butter.
When we got into St. Joseph, we had some errands of our own to run. GU Energy and Thnx has sent us some energy gels and coffee, respectively. We got the package via general delivery from the downtown St. Joseph post, and it was Christmas time. We unloaded boxes and boxes of energy gels of all sorts of flavors. We were ecstatic- it was very kind of GU to send us so much stuff. As we divided up our haul, GO walked across the street into a news station to see if they’d be willing to share about our campaign. It looked promising, and they told us they’d call us.
After we evenly distributed the gels throughout our bags, we were on the road. It was a longer ride, around 60 miles. The weather was in our favor though, it was a mild morning with a slight north wind. This allowed us to ride easily and it was a great change of pace from the punishing heat of the last few days. A few miles out of town, the local news station that GO had walked in earlier called us- they wanted to do a quick interview before we left town. We stopped and an intersection and met up with Nathan who was a local Fox journalists. We shared about the campaign on camera, and talked when him a bit. He was very encouraging, and excited about our campaign. After the interview, we hopped back onto the route, but were stopped again. A photographer for the local newspaper called us and asked to take photos as we rode. A few minutes later, Jessica met us out on our route and took photos as we rode along.
After all of our press, we cruised until we hit about thirty miles, and then we stopped for lunch. We ate a lackluster of three bean salad. (I don’t know why we keep buying those cans.) but, it got the job done and allowed us to finish our miles. The day had stayed relatively cool, and that allowed us to finish our day easily, until we hit the bane of our route existence- a gravel road. It always incites groans from us when Google maps tells us to turn into a gravel road. This means the next few miles are going to be bumpy and uncomfortable. This road was no exception. The gravel quickly gave way to a fine red dirt. (no surprises since the roads name was Adobe road.) the dirt got in everything- my eyes, shoes, water bottles, and bicycle were covered in a fine red dirt. It was a chore to finish the day, and this was made no better when we arrived to the ‘camp site’ only to find the road ended at the edge of farmland. There were no trees- but at least the ground was flat. We set up camp, and I discovered I had a flat tire. I was frustrated. I was done.
I walked down the road to scope out a better spot. The road ended right on the banks of the Missouri River. As the sun set, the Missouri sparkled and across the banks, the hills and farmland looked beautiful. I spent a few minutes in solitude, just taking in my surroundings.
I walked back to our original campsite and begin to set up my own camp.
Jesse and I filmed slow-motion videos of us kicking plants. (I’m not sure what spawned that idea.) I ate spaghetti out of a can.
I slept under the stars. The sky seems bigger our here at night, and the starts are very visible without as much light pollution.
We slept well.

  • Bruce Hedgepeth

    Ok – got that one behind you. Now find some smooth road and ride like the wind !! With y’all in thoughts and prayers. Ride On!


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