Day Forty Recap

Day forty began at an RV park in Osceola, Missouri. We set our alarms at 6:30AM and slowly rolled out of our hammocks one by one around 7 AM. We prepared for ourselves our usual breakfast of oatmeal with peanut butter and a banana before packing up and getting on the road. It wasn’t until past 9 AM that we left for our destination of ¬†Harrisonville, MO, about 65 miles away.

It was another hot day on the road. From the very start, it was uncomfortably hot. By 11 AM, it had reached 90 degrees and it peaked at nearly 95 degrees later that afternoon. To keep up, we did our best to stay hydrated and stop often to cool down.

About fifteen miles in, we stopped for a quick bathroom break on the side of the highway. While doing our business, we noticed a number of wild blackberries on the hillside. Not only that, but many of them were perfectly ripe. For the next twenty minutes, we gleefully picked and ate wild blackberries. These were some of the best tasting berries I’ve ever had and it was so much better to have them as such a surprise and in the wild.

After we had our fill, we rode to a Wal-Mart in Clinton, MO to get our groceries for the next day. After an extended break there to cool down, we returned to the road with forty miles ahead of us. It was a tough forty miles. Though the terrain was level and the roads were good, the riding was difficult because of the brutal heat.

At around 6 PM, we arrived at our host home for the night. G.O. had traveled to Ethiopia with Ross Glazner and his family took us in for the night. They treated us to a delicious dinner and brought us in like family.

It was great for us to meet such a kind family and we were blessed by their generosity and hospitality.

Next stop: Kansas City

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