Day Forty-Three Recap

This day was one of the most unusual of the tour so far. The previous night, we had looked at the forecast and seen that the temperature would be nearly 100 degrees for the majority of our 60 miles ride to St. Joseph, MO.

We did some calling around and Vanessa, who lives near Kansas City and is I Pour Life’s Finance Director, agreed to drive us from our host home out of the city, cutting thirty miles off our route. This was a godsend!

We ate and packed up our things so we could meet her at Second Best Coffee down the street. I woke up early and head to the coffee shop before the rest of the group to read and get some quiet time. I’ve been reading “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” and really enjoying it so much that I wanted to carve out more time to read it.

Vanessa met us there and we packed our bikes into her SUV. She drove us out of Kansas City and dropped us off at a gas station along our route. If it hadn’t been for her help, our day would have been miserable, if not dangerous because of the heat.

We rode fast with the goal of reaching St. Joseph before 1PM to beat the heat. We pushed hard and skipped lunch and rode the forty miles to St. Joseph on time. Our host was working until 6PM, so we had a few hours to kill. When we arrived, we went straight to a local water park to lounge and cool off. It was the perfect break for a hot day. We swam, read, snacked, and napped to pass the time.

At 6PM rode to our host’s work. Tim, our host, was a friend of the Bulger family, a family we’re all friends with. He had even been to Korah on a mission trip with another organization. G.O. and Tim quickly struck up conversation, knowing the same people and places there.

Tim offered to take us out for dinner and having skipped lunch, we were more than down for that! Since he lived outside of town, we packed up our bikes and locked them up until the morning. He generously treated us to a delicious dinner at Chile’s before heading to his house.

We arrived with beds set aside and made for us. Before heading to bed, we lounged for a while and hung out with his cats. Today might have been a bit unusual, but it was a great day on the road.

Next stop: Corning, MO

  • Ellen

    I’m always so grateful for the kindness shown to you by strangers. And what a little thing it can be to be kind to someone, yet the act can be so meaningful to the receiver. Truly, we all have something to give.

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