Day Forty-One Recap

We started our day in Harrisonville, MO. We woke up, after our stay with the Glazner family. (Thanks for breakfast!)

It was a cool morning, and we tried our best to get out on the road as early as we can. Despite the quick rising temperature, the day had a redeeming factor- our ride was less than forty miles. With our two 70 mile days behind us, a short day’s ride into Kansas City was a real treat. The bike ride itself was simple- a straight shot into KC, right to our host home in Waldo. The Wiley’s graciously hosted us. We rolled in before 1pm, and quickly unloaded our bikes and made a lunch of burritos.

Second best coffee is just a block from where we are staying, so we decided we needed some late afternoon espresso. We sat in the shop for awhile, partly because of the heat, and partly because the environment of the shop is just so welcoming. As we sat in the shop, Jesse told us that after tweeting at David Bazan, we had been guest listed for the show that night. It was super cool of them to give us free tickets, and Jesse was especially stoked, as Bazan is one of his favorite artists.

We departed Second Best and went up the road to Family Bicycles, a fairly nondescript bike shop in the Waldo area of KC. We wandered in, looking around at all the Surly’s with their shining new paint. The owner, Theresa, quickly said hello and we stuck up conversation. She was very excited about our ride, and asked us lots of questions, gave us some pointers, and even gave Jesse a new stem for his bike. Before we left, she gave us a bunch of Surly swag and snapped a picture of us in front of the shop to post on their Facebook. We are constantly blown away from the kindness of people we meet along the way.

Needing to get ready for the show, we rode back to the host home for a quick dinner before our friend Shelby picked us up to take us into north KC to the venue. We were all excited for the show, and it did not disappoint. Laura Gibson¬†opened and did a wonderful job. David Bazan did an amazing job as well. I’d love to be more descriptive, but i’m not great at describing music.

All in all, it was an amazing day in Kansas city. Thanks so much to the Wiley family, Undertow Music, and Shelby Wichman.

Also, I’ve inserted a photo gallery today!

  • Bruce Hedgepeth

    “you gotta be strong and courageous”

    A little Michael W. Smith lyric session there for you 3 guys. You may not even know who that is but the words still ring true and they apply to you all on this amazing adventure. Ride On !!


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