Day Thirty-Nine Recap

And we’re back!

It’s been 7 days since our last ride day recap. After an amazing week in Springfield, we’re finally back on our bikes. I say finally because I’ve realized as much as the rest of the team that we have become true bike tourists. Life just isn’t the same off the bike anymore. I had so much fun in Springfield and I love every bit of that beautiful city, but I was itching to get back on the road and continue our trek west. We still have a large part of our goal ahead of us; roughly 2,600 miles in 45 days.

This itch to continue riding along with the encouragement of our great city gave us the motivation to conquer our longest day yet. Today we rode 75 miles in 90 degree weather north to Osceola, MO and finished by 3:30. I should probably explain how we conquered our longest ride yet and finished earlier than we ever had on any long ride day in the past.

First, we woke up at 5:45 am. We were so afraid of getting caught in the heat for too long that doing this was not too hard. Typically we struggle to get on the road by 10:00. Today we were on the road by 7:00.

Second, we stocked up on coffee beans and got caffeinated at none other than The Coffee Ethic. This was our very first stop of the day and crucial to our success. Thank you to The Coffee Ethic for always taking care us!

Last, we looked forward to Osceola Cheese. If you’ve never had the opportunity to stop at this offbeat attraction, then you might not understand our excitement to get to this fantastic cheese shop. Osceola Cheese carries a large variety of crazy cheese experiments from smoked buffalo sauce cheddar to chocolate fudge cheese. They have hundreds of flavors in circulation and the best part is that you can sample them all as much as you want. With Osceola Cheese located only a few miles away from our campsite, Jesse and I decided to get our dairy fix. We shared some homemade ice cream, finished a bottle of chocolate milk each, and sampled every type of cheese available. We may have over done it.

For the most part, today was an easy day. Although we had a high mileage and high temperature day, we were also lucky to have been on a well paved highway shoulder for the entire ride. This means well graded inclines and a consistently fast pace.

We were in our hammocks by 4:00 and kind of uncertain as to what we should have done next. Until today, we really never had this much free time at the end of the day. What do we do? Do we just relax, journal, or maybe read? Today was the perfect outcome of a day on a long distance tour. Today was the first day of the second part of our cross country ride. We’ll all be passed out by 9:30 and maybe just maybe we’ll now begin the cycle of early mornings and leisurely nights.


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  • Ellen

    Maybe! I’m sure interested to find out!. 😀

  • Bruce Hedgepeth

    Okay guys, you are all well rested and ready to go. Sounds like it went well and you are ready to get going. Ride on !!


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