Day Twenty Three, Bicycling from Marshall to Effingham, Illinois

Day Twenty three. We began the day at a very gracious church in Marshall, Illinois. They let us camp behind their building in a spacious yard.

Our riding had been very straightforward, as we’ve been on the same highway for hundreds of miles. The day was mostly flat, so the miles went quick. We decided to take our shirts off to even out our tans. (We have horrible tan lines.) We rode straight into our destination, as it was a round 50 miles.

When we arrived in Effingham, we stopped by Walmart to grab some supplies before we headed out to camp. This was about the time we realized that we had gotten pretty sunburnt from our stint without our shirts.

We stayed at Camp Lakewood, after I called them earlier in the day as asked hem if they would donate a site. Josh called me back, and was very excited about the cause. He met us out front with a big smile and plenty of questions. He showed us to our campsite, and not long after our Canadian bike touring friends, Jon and Claudel, showed up in the site next to us. My friend Jimmy Smith showed up to camp as well, as he was on his way to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania.

We made a fire, I made some pasta, and we kicked back and relaxed. It was nice to see a familiar face on the road, and even better to get new and old friends together.

Overall, it was a solid day of bike riding and seeing old friends. You can’t beat days like that.

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