Dakota Graff


Joplin, MO

What I’m Listening to:

Harry. Potter. Audiobooks.
Seriously, these are the best audiobooks. I’m also listening to my Spotify weekly selects, which keeps the folky goodness pumping through my speakers.

Favorite Candy:

I really like peanut butter M&M’s, but I don’t discriminate against candy; as long as it isn’t chili flavored. The best candy is found on the ground, or so I’ve heard.

My Gear:

2015 Surly Cross-Check

Why I Ride:

“I have been enamored with the bicycle from a young age. As far back as my memory reaches, I have loved being on two wheels. Many things change, but as soon as I step onto a bicycle, I get the same familiar feeling…” – Read More

Jesse Tyler