Giancarlo Ospina


Fort Myers, Florida

What I’m listening to:

I’m a huge sucker for good Hip Hop music. I’d be shocked if Notorious B.I.G. didn’t show up on my Spotify Year in music every year. Although, when I’m not listening to Kendrick Lamar’s or Drake’s latest albums, you can find me listening to a wide variety of musicians, from Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift (don’t hate) to Sufjan Stevens and The National.

Favorite foods:

I’m pretty much always in the mood for Pizza and Chicken. Don’t believe me? My first job was at Papa John’s Pizza and my second was at Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and I never once got tired of eating at either restaurant. Honestly, I’d be pretty stoked if both companies sent me some coupons for the ride…no seriously. Send me some coupons.

My gear:

2015 Salsa Marrakesh, Brooks England B17 Saddle, Ortlieb Back-Roller Panniers, Ortlieb Front-Roller Panniers, Eagle Nest Outfitters Hammock and Rainfly, Therm-a-rest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad.

Why I Ride:

“It’s not comfortable for me to write things in order for you to read, it’s not comfortable for me to speak to large audiences, and it’s certainly not comfortable for me to leave everything behind and live off a bike for three months, but uncomfortable does not equal unable…” – Read More

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