James Rosenberg


    Chappaqua, NY

    What I’m listening to:

    I’m all over the place. I’ll be mixing it up between books on tape (Jack Reacher books are a go to), podcasts (The Pedalshift Project; The Daily; Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me or anything by NPR), classic rock and americana.

    Favorite foods:

    Jellybeans. There is nothing like Jelly Belly jellybeans. Pear and tutti frutti are clearly the top two, but I have yet to meet a jellybean I don’t like.

    My gear:

    Trek 520, Brooks Cambium saddle, Ortlieb panniers and handlebar bag.

    Why I Ride:

    I Pour Life enables women in Kore, Ethiopia to be entrepreneurs by giving them the training, network, and capital that they need. On a micro scale, it mirrors exactly what I will be going to school for in the coming months. I realized quickly that this was the perfect way to give back. Before pursuing my MBA, I want to help the women of Kore, Ethiopia get an MBA of their own.

    Dakota Graff