“Because We’re Able”

This phrase is bigger than a guy on a bike campaigning for a cause. It represents a spirit of generosity that plants hope and nurtures joy. “Because We’re Able” is echoed by the generous donors that are helping to reach this $20,000 goal and the twenty families in Kore that will thrive as a result. It is this plural “we” that makes Ride for Kore possible.

About Kore

On the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, there is a garbage dump which is the home to over 100,000 people. This community is called Kore. Many residents are lepers, HIV/AIDS victims, widows, and orphans—people marginalized and left to suffer. Springfield, MO based nonprofit, I Pour Life, is empowering women in Kore, Ethiopia through their Global Women’s Economic Empowerment program.

What is GWE?

GWE (Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Program) is I Pour Life’s women-led, family empowerment program. The program targets impoverished groups of women with a diagnosis of leprosy at risk of losing their children. Participants learn a trade and become financially self-sufficient. Over ten months, women begin taking steps to lift themselves out of extreme poverty through earning power. The cost for a woman to enter the WME program is $1000. This covers start-up capital, medical expenses, immediate basic living needs, education for children, and emergency reserve.

A Hand Up,

Not a Hand Out

Through I Pour Life’s GWE program, women like Tse’ai embrace opportunities they never had before. With her startup capital, she purchased housewares and supplies to sell in the local market. She is supported by a network of other women in her community and an advisor from I Pour Life that meets with her to monitor progress and set goals.

“This opportunity has changed my life, but most of all, I have a bigger family.”

Let’s Make it Happen

The needs that these women have and the opportunity we have to help are things we can all agree upon. Will you help? The most obvious way to assist is by making a donation, but there are many ways to lend a hand. Share this campaign with a friend, give a place to stay, or write a friendly email. Whatever you do is appreciated and nothing is taken for granted.